Heat Pumps

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

How do heat pumps compare in running costs to normal heaters?
By simply transferring heat from outside, a heat pump doesn’t require a heating element that makes fan heaters expensive to run. The New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) estimate for each unit of electricity, a heat pump returns three units of heat compared to standard fan heaters returning one unit.

How do I get the best out of my heat pump?
In the first instance, good insulation is key to retaining warmth. Next is assessing the space you want to heat. Guidelines for heat pump sizes are available from manufacturers and consumer organisations but the most accurate assessment will be provided by a licensed installer. Choose someone who is not only qualified but understands the environment you live in. Central Otago has notoriously cold winters and you need to get specific advice on which rooms need the most heat and what times of the day are essential. Once that is established, you need to focus on heating the space you are using, shutting doors and using drapes to ensure heat doesn’t escape. Only heat the space you’re actually using, shutting doors and curtains to keep the heat in. Learn to use the thermostat and timer and set the heat to a healthy temperature. Bear in mind the lower the starting temperature, the harder the unit will have to work to raise it so keeping blinds drawn and doors closed at night will help a lot.

How reliable are heat pumps?
The mechanical units for modern heat pumps are as reliable as a fridge or freezer. It is important to service them by cleaning the filters. The job is relatively straightforward provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Fujitsu offer New Zealand’s longest warranty – 6 years full parts and labour warranty when you use a Fujitsu Accredited Installer.

Can Heat Pumps filter The Air?
The majority of modern heat pumps have filters that remove dust and other particles that can help people who suffer from asthma and allergies. There are also a number of options for more advanced filters that can substantially reduce airborne particles even more and also help control food odours.

How Noisy Are Heat Pumps?
Modern heat pumps are much less intrusive than earlier models, with many incorporating a “quiet” mode once they have reached the desired temperature. The decibel level for different models are provided on manufacturers websites and manuals.

How Are Heat Pumps Rated for Efficiency?
The EECA has an Energy Star rating for appliances which explains how they are run at their most efficient. Look for the sticker or logo on manufacturers material or on the products themselves.

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